Top 7 best designed android apps of 2015

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Best designed android apps

The year 2015 saw a dramatic shift in apps being designed for android after Material Design came into scene changed the whole landscape of android as we know it. The material design was readily accepted by the developers community and almost all developers started revamping their apps so as not miss this bandwagon of change. Some of the best designed android apps came from the mother factory google, of course. But some developers shone through and made a mark. Here is a complete list of all the apps that made our tongues wag and put a sparkle in our eye:

  1. Google Primer 

    Android Jutsu-Google Primer

    It would be a crime to even start this list without mentioning an app from the goliath. Google released ‘Google Primer’ as a means to promote good marketing and design practices in the industry. The app has a new navigation drawer implementation that I really like. Apart from that there is a swipe-able cards implementation that is smooth and makes using a fun experience.

  2. Phonograph Music Player

    Android Jutsu-Phonograph-Music-Player

    How could you even think i would mention this list without a music player that i am totally in love with right now. Phonograph music player is designed beautifully and captures the essence of material design very well. It has a smooth user experience, automatic album art download with a grid view colour hue and material transitions that make it functional as well as enchanting at the same time.

  3. Fabulous – Motivate Me !

    Android Jutsu - Fabulous-Motivate-Me

    Trying to pick up a habit to make your days more productive. Fabulous is the only app you need. It is one of my personal favourite apps. It has a colourful UI with an amazing user experience (UX). Material design goodness can be seen implemented perfectly throughout the app. The app has a beautiful events view that is a delight to use and look at.

  4. Sleep as Android

    Android Jutsu-Sleep-android
    This is the best app for anyone looking to score that perfect sleep. You know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep for your daily productivity. Though sleep as android is an old app they have recently updated their design according to material guidelines and it looks just amazing. I have never had a problem with this app before and with Material Design built in this app leaves no room for criticism. The graphs are beautifully implemented along with smooth UI transitions.

  5. Unclouded

    This is file manager with cloud integration which looks just as beautiful and clean as a file manager app should look. It has a very cool folder and file view. It can also help you find duplicate files on the cloud as well as your local file system. The app has been quite robust and has all the function you would expect from a file management app.

  6. Spotify Music

    Spotify is one of the best music streaming apps out there and it does justice to its name by being among the best designed android apps right now in the market. There has never been as much of a hiccup I have encountered while using Spotify. The blur UI has been implemented throughout the app and it looks as good as ever.

  7. Housing

    Housing app is for people looking to buy, rent or sell houses. The app looks like a million bucks and is designed in such a way that the user is not left hanging or waiting for an operation to complete. The maps are super snazzy and visualisations are amazing. Images load pretty fast and don’t slow down the UI.


All the apps reviewed above are among the best designed android apps that I have come across but in no way they are only. I am sure there are many developers who have put their heart and soul to give their users the best app experience possible. I would love to hear your views on what apps you think are the most usable and do justice to best design practices across the industry. Please share and leave your comments below.

Kartik is a seasoned android developer with a weird obsession for cornflakes.

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