How to become a professional android developer

Things i wish i knew while starting my android journey



Why should one become an Android Developer ?

Android is the largest ecosystem of apps and according to google more than 1.5 million android devices are activated on a daily basis. This goes to show that android has a huge earning potential and developers can earn hefty amounts of money if they put proper and well directed efforts towards it. Also lots of opportunities are being developed on a regular basis for a seasoned android developer and pay is at par with other other software engineers.

How to get started with Android Development ?

Passionate App Idea The best way, in my opinion, to start with Android Development is to start working on an App Idea that you are a passionate about, this way you have the motivation to go all the way and put your best efforts.

Simple App Implementation Starting with a simple app can make your starting journey much enjoyable. Our mind needs results to validate our decisions, if you can see your app working on a mobile device with just a little effort, you would be more motivated and your mind will feel rewarded thus ensuing you continue on the path to mastery.

Build on the foundation After you have built your first app, start refining it- add speed optimisations, add beautiful graphics, implement advanced features. This way you will get a hang of the software engineering side of Android Development. Its strongly recommended to have a basic foundation and experience of Java programming before starting with android development. Also mess around with Android Studio and Eclipse (if you are planning to work with Eclipse Android IDE) and get to know how things work.

Read Design blogs Building the functionalities is only half the battle won, in case of Software development. An app which is well planned and meets the design guidelines set by google is much more likely to enchant the audience. Refining your design knowledge is a gradual process and takes a lot of effort on your part, thus i would suggest you to start reading Design blogs and figure out good design patterns. I can’t stress this point enough and would like to give you an example to prove it. You can see the transformation below in my apps 2 months after i started reading design blogs. Find link to Design blogs in the resources section below which i think are quite relevant nowadays.

source : Mozart

Join an Android Forum Joining an android forum is a good way to keep updated with what new developments are going on in the developer communities. You will see how other developers are working on improving their apps. Also you can clear any doubts regarding development from your fellow android developers.

What it means to be an Android Developer ?

Being a professional Android Developer is not an easy job and is a lot harder than it looks. It isn’t until you’ve dipped your toes in it that you realize just how turbulent the waters are. Since android is evolving on a continuous basis, the industry is not much stable in the sense that the you have to keep updating your knowledge about App Design and good coding practices. Also Android API is updated quite frequently introducing new UI elements and newer methods so you have keep abreast with these developments. But once you get used to all that is difficult and challenging, you will start enjoying and appreciating the process and every new iteration of Android will give you an adrenaline rush that is hard to match by any other worldly pleasure.


As discussed above, Android Development definitely provide ample opportunities for growth and success and is a fruitful endeavor if anyone is willing to work diligently and appreciate the nuances involved with the process. There are very less things in programming that are as challenging and rewarding at the same time as android development.


Android Tutorials : Udacity , NewBoston

Design Blogs : Android NicetiesMaterialUp, MaterialDesignBlog

Android Libraries : Android Arsenal

Android Forums: XDA-Developers, Anddev

Android App : Google Primer

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